As you know, spring is the busiest time of year for the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. We’re so glad that there are loyal supporters like you, who we can count on during this challenging season.

In just the past few months, more than 400 orphaned and injured mammals have been admitted, including these baby foxes. They were living as a family in a den under someone’s deck in the country, east of Ottawa. The homeowners were fine with them being there. But, one day they heard gunshots and – tragically – the parents stopped coming back.

After a few days, they were able to trap two kits and brought them to the sanctuary. The kits were dehydrated and underweight, but I’m happy to report that after receiving fluids, electrolytes and meds, they are now doing well.

We’re so grateful to people like you, who continue to support the animals and make it possible for us to rehabilitate them.

Saving an orphaned baby animal’s life costs money, and, because most of the animals are in our care for months, the expense is ongoing. This spring, our goal is to raise $30,000 through our wildlife baby shower campaign.

Can you make a donation today to provide the care, formula and food for
these animals that will need life-saving help?

I’m also so happy to tell you that your gift will have TWICE the impact, thanks to generous donors who will match the first $10,000 raised!

Because of the match, your gift of:
$30 becomes $60 and covers the cost of a veterinary examination and one x-ray
$50 becomes $100 and purchases supplies to build 15 nesting boxes
$100 becomes $200 and provides formula for a litter of raccoons for four weeks

Thank you for your kindness towards wildlife in need. With your help, they will get a second chance at life.


Linda Laurus
Founder and Director

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